Introducing Concept of Schema based Therapy to our Cleints in 2018


At Marsai Clinic, Dr Guha is envisaging introducing Schema Therapy to manage some of his treatment resistant and complex patients. Schema Therapy had been developed by Dr Jeffrey Young and has been a very successful method of trying to address complex emotional needs of clients who need to make some changes to their life-long patterns of maladaptive thoughts and beliefs that had taken roots through their childhood experiences. Dr Guha will try and use his own understanding of how best to use the tenets of this therapy, his Positive Psychology based understanding and also Personalised Psychiatry to engage his clients to progress better towards their recovery.

Please watch this video from Youtube:

Belmont Hospital just recently organised Easter Raffle for supporting Antara.

Belmont hospital recently organised Easter Raffle to support mental health patients of Antara. This raffle was well attended and the money raised is being transferred to Anatra to uplift patient support. This is the second year in a row that Belmont has done a raffle to support Antara. A big ‘THANKS’ to Belmont.
Let us all support this great cause. Please join the Friends of Antara Network, if you are interested. Please email if you are interested –