MARSAI clinic provides a range of General Adult Psychiatric related services. We also specialise in the following:

  1. Schizophrenia and Psychosis (managing complex patients on Clozapine)
  2. Mental health conditions associated with DRUGS AND ALCOHOL
  3. Functional Neurological Disorder – Special interest in this condition
  4. DVA and Military Psychiatry work
  5. Personality related issues (we specialise in management of complex personality related problems, eg.. Borderline Personality, Anxious Personality, Obsessional personality, etc.)
  6. Autistic Spectrum issues in adults
  7. Work related issues
  8. Pathological gambling and other impulse control issues
  9. Perinatal mental health conditions
  10. Culture bound syndromes
  11. Issues with migration stress and acculturation problems
  12. Mental Health issues of health professionals ( Specialists, GPs, Nurses, etc.).

We do not usually engage in Medico-legal work. Hence, we do not accept people who has medico-legal report related needs. We will only do reports for our registered patients who develop such needs in the future.

We do WorkCover and Income Protection related Reports. These are usually completed to assist patient’s recovery needs, not as a primary requirement.

We do support the community in our small ways by reducing our fees (negotiated only on case to case basis) to ensure that the needy and economically deprived are not unduly burdened while under my care. Our service charges are moderate. Please contact our front desk to seek more information.