Dr. Saibal Guha

I am currently a private Psychiatrist at Pinel Clinic, Belmont Private Hospital, Carina. I work full time in this practice including being involved in outpatient and inpatient work. Obviously, have to be involved in direct patient care, and see many patients.
My special areas of interest are: mood and anxiety disorders, Functional Neurological disorders, PTSD, Personality Disorders, Adult ADHD and Neuromodulation.  I do a lot of Telehealth related work, and cover rural and remote areas of Queensland, NT and NSW.  I also am involved in GP education, which holds a special place in my heart as I believe that the future of Psychiatry lies in trying to grasp the ‘psychological needs’ of individual patients, and application of evidence based methods to assist in achieving them.  A particular model or therapeutic tool may not be enough, and hence, Psychiatrists need to remain quite involved with our patients to be able to get to the core issues of egoic fears and anxieties.
My future interests lie in research and medical education.  I remain committed to translate concepts in psychiatry to clinical application.  My dream is to be able to develop a Mood Disorder Centre of Excellence for Queenslanders, and I am working towards this in my own way.

I initially trained in India, while I was serving Indian Armed Forces.  I completed my MD Psychiatry from Armed Forces Medical College at Pune in 1998.  It was difficult and rigorous, given that the course content and workload sometimes left me with very little time at home.  I qualified as a Military and General Adult Psychiatrist, and was markedly relieved to be able to be posted off.  I still find it strange that I do not suffer from any nightmares or flashbacks of this rigorous training experience! However, on the positive side, I can vouch for one thing: this training toughened me a lot and ensured that I remain fully committed to fighting mental illness and its effects for my patients.
I worked for 5 years as a Psychiatrist with the Indian Navy, including being involved in setting up a Psychiatric Centre for Armed Forces personnel at Port Blair (capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands).  I still have many fond memories of my days in uniform.