MARSAI Clinic was established when Dr Guha started his private practice on 15 April 2011 at the premises of the Pinel Clinic, Belmont Private Hospital. Marina joined as the Practice Manager. We have been together since then, and have enbarked on this exciting journey to develop a novel Private Practice Model where patient recovery is tailored to ‘humanistic-holistic’ care. We have gradually grown with our patients leading the way forward.

We manage a busy out-patient clinic nearly 6 days a week. We also admit and manage in-patients through the support of our Partners, Belmont Private Hospiotal. This hospital has been a great area of support and strength for our clinic and its principles.

We run a tight ship, with lots of novel administrative ideas and have managed to keep the process flowing in the right direction. We truly value your time, energy and resources, and will like you to believe that you are being looked after well. Our wait time before a scheduled consult is less than 5 minutes, as we run all our daily schedules ‘on time’. You will get your appointments and reminders through our SMS service, and will mostly assessed in Dr Guha’s rooms. This provides continuity of care in a setting that is constant, with resources at hand to engage you in your recovery.

We are here for you, always. It is through your recovery that we measure our clinic’s success. We thank you for giving us the chance to be part of your journey.